Funny Marathon Signs

Funny Marathon Race Signs

marathon signs
Funny Race Signs

How do you cheer on your marathon running friend? With funny marathon race signs of course!

Here are some of the best marathon race sign slogans I’ve seen…

Run like you stole something

Worst parade ever

Chuck Norris never ran a marathon (my husband made this one)

Do epic shit

Never trust a fart

Your feet hurt because you’re kicking so much ass-phalt

clever marathon race sign
Funny marathon race sign, Chicago Marathon 2017


I thought you said rum

The faster you finish, the sooner I can drink

You think you’re tired, my arms are killing me!

funny race sign
Race sign as seen on the Chicago Marathon route 2017

Find a cute butt and follow it!


marathon race sign
Funny (and kinda creepy) race sign


If marathon running was easy, it would be your mom

Run like millennials run from commitment

Where’s everybody going?

I like my races how I like my men, long and hard

Turn around, it’s a trap!

I love your stamina, call me

Make America chafe again

If Britney Spears can survive 2007, you can survive this marathon!


and my own cheer squad’s sign…

chicago marathon race sign
My Chicago Marathon sign


What are your favorite funny race signs?

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