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7 Things on Amazon Every Marathon Runner Needs

I'm not sure I could live without these running favorites.  Bonus, you can buy them without having to leave your house! Top 7 Amazon Products for Runners Here are some of my favorite running products on Amazon and why you should love them too! 1. Level Terrain Flip Belt I've tried it all, the running… Continue reading 7 Things on Amazon Every Marathon Runner Needs

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Aaptiv Review

Aaptive Review- The Runner's Perspective I'm a planner, but not so much of a doer.  I love to plan out intricate workouts...warm up for 1 mile, two 200 meter repeats, 3 400 meter repeats, then back to 200 meters, two minutes of rest in between, 1 mile cool all sounds great on paper, until… Continue reading Aaptiv Review

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What is the Best Running Form?

What is the best running form? You may not like my answer to this question.  And, remember, I'm not a doctor, so make your own decisions... When you first start to run, it can all be a little overwhelming.  What is Chi Running? What's a forefoot strike, midfoot, heal, wide strides, short quick strides...Once you… Continue reading What is the Best Running Form?