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What is the Best Running Form?

What is the best running form? You may not like my answer to this question.  And, remember, I'm not a doctor, so make your own decisions... When you first start to run, it can all be a little overwhelming.  What is Chi Running? What's a forefoot strike, midfoot, heal, wide strides, short quick strides...Once you… Continue reading What is the Best Running Form?

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What to Expect When You Start Running

What happens when I start running?   Why would anyone want to start running? I only run if someone is chasing me. I hate DRIVING 26 miles! Running is bad for your knees. I like my sleep. I heard runners sometimes poop their pants.   These are all things I have heard from my non-runner… Continue reading What to Expect When You Start Running

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What to Expect: Your First Half Marathon

Running Your First Half Marathon You've put in the training, you're standing at the starting line, what can you look forward to over the next 13.1 miles? What is it like to run a half marathon? Half marathons are a great distance to run.  It's long enough to force you into a training plan, but… Continue reading What to Expect: Your First Half Marathon

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7 Mistakes Beginner Runners Make

How do I start running? All of these mistakes I have made myself, and have learned how to not make them again.  If you notice yourself falling victim to these 7 running mistakes, don't're not alone! 7 Mistakes Beginner Runners Make Too much too soon Whenever you start a new endeavor, the tendency is… Continue reading 7 Mistakes Beginner Runners Make