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Best App for Running

What is the Best App for Running? I have tried the major fitness apps out there, this post is a pros and cons list of each one, along with my take on which is the best.  This is a truly honest post (no affiliate links here) and is only my personal opinion. Aaptiv Aaptiv Price:… Continue reading Best App for Running

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Why I Quit Orangetheory

Why I Quit Orangetheory If we crossed paths six months ago, you would have seen me sporting my orange heart rate monitor and water bottle.  I would probably be headed to an Orangetheory Fitness class.  I am not here to bash Orangetheory Fitness.  In fact, I love their workouts and feel they are effective for… Continue reading Why I Quit Orangetheory

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How Much Does Orangetheory Fitness Cost?

The Cost of Orangetheory Fitness When I signed up for Orangetheory Fitness, my studio was having a special promotion.  I was able to get the Orangetheory unlimited membership at the founders rate of $139. At the time, Elite membership (8 times a month) was $89 and the basic (4 times a month) was $59.  It… Continue reading How Much Does Orangetheory Fitness Cost?