Getaway 5K Race Plan

The St. Pete Getaway 5K is this weekend!  I’ve been looking forward to this race, as it will give me a little better understanding of what my race pace for Philly will be.  I still have one long run planned for Saturday, and the race is on Sunday.  I’m not expecting it to be my fastest 10K, my legs will probably be tired from Saturday’s long run (and Orangetheory Hell Week, ugh).  I’ll be happy with an 8:30 average pace.

The Getaway 5K (10K for me) is the first race I’ll run since the Savannah Women’s Half in March, and the first one since incorporating more cross training.  I’m curious to see what will happen!

If you would like to join me November 4, 2018, you can register HERE.  Be sure to use code: GetawayAgentAF for $12 off!


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