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How Much Does Orangetheory Fitness Cost?

The Cost of Orangetheory Fitness

When I signed up for Orangetheory Fitness, my studio was having a special promotion.  I was able to get the Orangetheory unlimited membership at the founders rate of $139. At the time, Elite membership (8 times a month) was $89 and the basic (4 times a month) was $59.  It is important to note that studios are owned by independent franchises and they set their own prices, although they pretty much fall in the same range. Without the promotion, prices at my Orangetheory Fitness studio are:

Orangetheory Prices

Premier (Unlimited): $159

Elite (8 times a month): $99

Basic (4 times a month) $59

I have heard of Orangetheory studios in major cities charging more for the Premier, up to $189 a month.  I feel pretty lucky to have gotten mine at $139. If you have a studio opening near you, and they are offering a founders rate, it is not a gimmick!  The founders rate will go away and prices will go up to the normal level.

How Much Does OrangetheoryfitnessCost_

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