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7 Things on Amazon Every Marathon Runner Needs

I’m not sure I could live without these running favorites.  Bonus, you can buy them without having to leave your house!

runner favorites

Top 7 Amazon Products for Runners

Here are some of my favorite running products on Amazon and why you should love them too!

1. Level Terrain Flip Belt

I’ve tried it all, the running arm band, the wrist band, the fanny pack looking thing, the magnetic pouch…Flip Belt is the only thing I will ever use to carry my phone while running.  It’s a spandex tube with pockets, that you wear around your waist.  It barely bounces, and doesn’t ride up while I run.  As a bonus, it even helps hold up my running tights. They do have  water bottles now that are designed to fit in the belt.  I’ve tried those and wasn’t a fan.  The belt itself though…fabulous!


2. GU Energy Labs Refillable Flask for Sports Nutrition Energy Gel:


This soft flask is designed to hold 5 servings of gel.  It’s an easy way to carry your fuel.  I fill it with Gu, tuck it in my Flip Belt, then I’m good to go!  Luckily, I have water fountains on my route, so I can travel light when I run long.  It’s easy to clean, which is a bonus.


3. GU Energy Original Sports Nutrition Energy Gel, Salted Caramel

At $15, this is the more economical way to use Gu for your long run fuel.  The large pouch is specifically designed to pour easily into the Gu flask.  Salted Caramel is by far my favorite!


4. Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

When you enter into long run territory, you need a little help with certain things, especially if you live in a hot climate like me.  Body Glide has never done me wrong.  I put it on my toes, under my sports bra straps, and on my thighs if I’m running in shorts (yes, my thighs rub together when I run).  It lasts forever and keeps bad things from happening, like blisters and chaffing.  You’ll realize when you forget to use it…when you turn on the water in the shower…ouch!!!



I used to wear the old school, super cheesy sport glasses from Target.  You know, the ones that make it look like I’m ready to hit the slopes in a John Cusack movie.  I’m so glad a friend introduced me to the goodr sunglasses.  They are stylish, polarized, lightweight, and they don’t bounce around.  Plus, they have fun names and come in fun colors.


6. Thorlos Experia Thin Padded Running Ankle Sock

These are my go-to socks for long runs.  I have about 8 pairs that I rotate through.  What I love about them is the extra padding on the ball of the feet and the heel.  I discovered these when I was suffering a bad bout of plantar fasciitis, the extra padding definitely helped my feet.  I never get blisters when I wear these.


7. Believe Training Journal

Not only is this a running log book, there is enough space for it to become your everyday planner. Plus, you get actionable tips from world famous runner, Lauren Fleshman.  It’s really a beautiful book, with full color pages and a textured, leather-like cover.  I love the speed workout and goals sections.  This would make a great gift

What’s on your list?



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