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How to Love Running

Can anyone enjoy running?

how to start running

I haven’t always loved running, and I go through periods when it’s difficult to get out the door. It usually happens after I run a big race, like a marathon.  You put months of training in, the race happens, and then there is kind of this lull.

Here is a list of what I do when I find myself not enjoying running as much as I usually do . Hopefully it will answer your question, yes, anyone can learn to enjoy running!

  • Enter a Race: there is no better motivator than standing at the starting line of a race. It doesn’t matte what the distance is, races are inspiring.  One of my friends who swore she would NEVER run a marathon is planning to sign up for the Marine Corp Marathon…all because she came to cheer me on at the Chicago Marathon.   You can also find a race that supports a charity that is close to your heart.  You can even work with a charity and pledge to raise money for their organization.  I did this for my first Chicago Marathon and it added a special meaning to all of the training miles.
  • Find a Good Playlist: I used to love to go out dancing. Now that I’m in my late 30’s, that doesn’t happen too often. Running to good music lets me move my body and has the same effect as a night of dancing (without the hangover).  I mostly use Spotify.  It’s great because you can create multiple playlists, as well as listen to other people’s playlists.  There are also workout stations with high energy music.  You can find my Spotify running playlist here.
  • Start Where You Are: People give up on running because they do too much, too soon. Don’t expect yourself to run a marathon if you’ve never run around the block. Stop to walk if you need to. No one is judging you.  Every runner that you see zooming past you was once a beginner who couldn’t make it down the block.  There will always be someone faster than you (trust me).  Just do your own thing and don’t worry about your pace or distance, at least for a while.

I think everyone should give running a chance! It could change your life.

how to like running
Running can change you

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