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Aaptiv Review

Aaptive Review- The Runner’s Perspective

I’m a planner, but not so much of a doer.  I love to plan out intricate workouts…warm up for 1 mile, two 200 meter repeats, 3 400 meter repeats, then back to 200 meters, two minutes of rest in between, 1 mile cool down…it all sounds great on paper, until the time comes to actually run.  I’m usually in a rush out the door and I don’t want to pull out my computer to program the intervals into my watch, and I definitely don’t want to try and remember all of those steps in the moment.  Could I write them on my arm? Will it rub off?  How about on the treadmill, should I just tape my repeats to the dash?  At least that  will probably give me some street cred. with the other runners slugging it out next to me.  And let’s talk about strength training.  I have so many routines written out in various places, on sticky notes in my planner, on my phone, in my head…but do I take those lists out before I workout, not really.

Enter Aaptive.

I’ve used Aaptive for about a year now.  Here is a review of the Aaptive app from a runner’s persective.

What is Aaptive?

Aaptive is an app that once on your phone, allows to you access to hundreds of coached workouts, set to high energy playlists.  New workouts are added each Monday and you have multiple coaches to choose from.  After working out with Aaptive for a while, I have my favorite coaches (Megan and Ben), but they are all great!

Workouts Available on Aaptive

Aaptive workouts are broken into the following categories:

  • Outdoor Running
  • Treadmill Running
  • Elliptical
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Stairclimber
  • Strength Training
  • Ab Workouts
  • Yoga
  • Walking
  • Meditation
  • Workouts for Weight Loss
  • 5K Training
  • 10K Training
  • Half Marathon Training
  • Full Marathon Training

Within each workout category, you can filter by duration and experience level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).  The race training programs offer a full calendar of workouts that you complete in order.

Aaptive workouts
Aaptive screenshot from my phone-workout selection screen

What is it Like to Run with Aaptive?

Let’s look at my last outdoor run with Aaptive.  After filtering the workout duration and experience level, I scrolled through my available options.  Each workout tells you who the coach is, the type of playlist, and a brief description of the type of run.  Once I decided on Benjamin’s Five by Five, I was ready to roll.  Coach Ben tells you to start running, while he goes over today’s workout.  For the warm-up, he prompts you to run at a comfortable pace (9-11 minute miles) and to set your intention for today’s run.  The rest of the workout consists of 5 sets of 5 minute working intervals at faster than 5k pace, with 2 minutes of recovery.  The beauty of Aaptive is that you don’t have to think about anything in the moment.  Coach Ben tells you when the intervals are half-way done, counts down to the next set, tells you when to get ready for your next interval, and offers encouragement when I need it most.  He even tells me when to turn around, so I’m back where I began when the run is over.  The playlist is a great compliment to the workout, high energy and varied.  He even warns you when a song is about to change, as to not mess up your stride.

aaptive running workout
Screenshot from my phone

What I Love About Aaptive

Aaptive is motivating!  I’m the type of runner who likes to stay in my comfort zone.  Somehow, having a complete push me through a workout and tell me I can give him more really makes me want to put out my max effort.  I can no longer run on the treadmill without Aaptive.  The Aaptive treadmill workouts make the time fly by.  Not only do you get expertly coached workouts, you also get real playlists.  Yes, Aaptive playlists have songs by the actual artists, none of the cheesy cardio jam songs where the singer kinda sounds like the real thing, but not quite.  I’m very picky about my running tunes and I have yet to be disappointed by the playlists.  They work perfectly to keep you motivated and moving throughout the Aaptive workout.  You can now access Aaptive on your Apple Watch, no need to carry your phone with you.  You can also download workouts to your phone, so you don’t have to worry about spotty service or data streaming.

The Aaptive Community

Aaptive has a official Facebook page, as well as a private group. Coaches regularly post updates and videos on the page.  The Aaptive Facebook group is a place for people to connect, ask questions, and share their workout success.  Coaches are also in the group and will often answer questions personally.  I’ve even had private Facebook messenger chats with the coaches (I kinda felt like I was speaking to a celebrity).  If you have a suggestion for a workout, you can post it on the page and they will actually try to make it happen.  I asked about a kettlebell exercise one day, they got back to me and said they would create one.  It truly feels like having access to my own personal trainer.

How Much Does Aaptive Cost?

Currently, Aaptive is $15 if paying month to month, or $100 for the entire year.  Click HERE to see up-to-date pricing, to listen to a sample workout, and to get a ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL!

“On Monday, a trainer came up to me at the gym while I was on the treadmill doing Meghan Takacs Sprint Through the Sixes, and asked if I wanted to try a Personal Trainer in order ‘to see the results I’m really after.’ I told him no thanks, I have a couple great apps that help me with all of that. His response: ‘An app can’t do what a personal trainer can.’
My response: ‘You’ve obviously never tried Aaptiv.'”
– Anonymous Review


Note: post contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own

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