Nutrition, Weight Loss

Marathon Training Meal Plan

Coming off of a solid performance at the Chicago Marathon, I’m more committed than ever to hit my BQ time. I know that in order to do that, I need to dial in my nutrition and finally drop the extra weight I’ve been running with. To help me do this, I’ve decided to use the 21 Day Fix eating plan.

I’m going this route for a couple of different reasons:

– I have no portion control on my own. Seriously, I can out eat most men I know.

– Many of my friends swear by it and have gotten great results

– It’s based on real, healthy foods

I won’t be using the workouts, just the containers and plan. I’ve found that home workout videos don’t motivate me at all. Plus, my giant dog tries to lick me the whole time while I sweat and that’s just annoying. I will be switching up my workouts while I enter this weight loss cycle.

You can find my whole week’s diet plan and grocery list here.

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